Rainy Day Toucon

This guy was so close that he didn’t give me a lot of cropping options. This is a full frame image with some added canvas. This is a BrownMandibled Toucon. In Costa Rica.

Specific Feedback Requested

yeah, I know the crop is a little strange.

Technical Details

ISO 1000, 500 PF, F8, 2000th, D500 shot in portrait mode, fill flash, full frame and then some


David, I love colorful bird shots. The setting you made your image is beautiful. You mentioned the crop being “a little strange.” Well, it’s confined for a bird of that size. :grinning: I have to say, though, that I’d rather have a tight crop than distractions around your subject.

The effects of the rain are captured well. More space is always good to have around a good-sized bird, but when they come in close, you have to make do with what nature offers. Color and exposure are spot on with detailed blacks. Well done…Jim

All those epiphytes really set the bird off well. It’s a beautiful bird and I like the crop. I’m not sure about the white streak in the eye - a catchlight? As there is already brightness along the left rim of the eye, I’d be inclined to remove that streak - just nit-picking! Fine shot, David.