Keel-billed Toucan

During one of my Costa Rica tours, we spied some toucans from the vehicle and quickly pulled over… only to get drenched the moment we stepped out onto the bridge from which we could photograph them. I stuck it out a bit, and thought the rain added some nice bonus texture to the background (even though I was more pleased about getting shots of this common species that I actually have only seen a handful of times).

Canon 1DXII
Canon 600mm
ISO 1600




Outstanding image, Max. Always amazing me what we’ll do to get the shot! Very nicely done.

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Hi, Max. What a lovely scene you captured! The bokeh in your image enhances the soft raindrops. It’s an extra touch to make the photo even more beautiful. And then there is the sharpness of the toucan. You were there at the right time.

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The color of the bokeh, the texture of the rain, and the sharpness and clear view of the bird are lovely. I really enjoy how much the rain is defined and yet not. It immediately looks like you got drenched, but I think it adds a lot to the photo! Great job sticking it out for a bit.

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The techs are great and the colors are awesome. The in-focus leaves and oof rain and background are a terrific combo. Well done.

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I like the angle of its head, as if it’s keeping under an imaginary umbrella instead of proudly raising that bill. Super shot, Max.

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These are pretty cool birds. You did a great job with the composition including the significant downpour. Colors are outstanding.


Max, the mix of Toucan and rain looks great, with what must have been very heavy rain showing strongly.

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A really nice shot that nicely captures this beautiful bird and also the essence of the rainforest (i.e. the rain). On my screen it feels a tad on the cool/green side (perhaps an artistic choice) but I went ahead and added a tad of warmth back into it via the Color Balance tool in photoshop.