Receding Snows

Another from my recent backpack into the High Sierra. Appreciate any comments, critiques or suggestions.

5DSr, 16-35 f/4 @ 16mm and some wet feet ; o )

I’m enjoying all of your photos from this trip. The light and color in this scene are beautiful! The composition looks nicely balanced to my eye and I like your attention to detail with how you framed the reflection of the peak. No nits from me!

Gorgeous colors; beautifully toned in sky and foreground, especially the reflection. Interesting vergence point and horizon line.

I would try to get the horizon line up or down. Up would be my preference because it appears the sky is petering out on the right. And I love the texture of the snow.



Great job on this, Dave. This composition works fine for me and you captured some beautiful light and color. Love what the snow adds. Nice work!

I think this is my favorite so far from your trip. I really like the comp and perspective and beautiful light. I might burn down the horizontal cloud along the top edge to the left of center and I would clone out some of the dark small lines on the snow (sticks?). Otherwise, looks really good to my eye.

I have been enjoying your series, Dave. Your connection to the Sierra is certainly evident in all of your work.

I agree with Harley’s comments. This has a wonderful balance of light and shapes, and the lines of the receding ice draw me in.

Nicely done, sir!

As with the others in your series I like this one too. The foreground textures are gorgeous and the light quite sublime on those peaks but to me at least it doesn’t feel quite so dramatic and powerful as the vertical images you presented earlier, possibly because the vertical brought the foreground even closer making them even more prominent but didn’t diminish the sunlit peaks beyond.

Dave, this is another gorgeous image from your recent series. The clouds and alpenglow here are just spectacular. I agree with @Chris_Percival about taking the horizon off center a bit more, i would suggest a crop from the top, because you clearly spent a good deal of time getting the foreground to create a radial flow. I would suggest very lighly dodging the lighter tones in the snow piles, even if no light was hitting them, I think adding some highlights to them would still look natural and add some more vitality in the foreground.

You were hitting on all cylinders on this trip to the High Sierra as you came back with several beautiful images. I think this might be my favorite so far. The light on the peaks is flat out gorgeous as is the warm color of the clouds. The reflection is quite beautiful and I love that FG ice. My only suggestion would be to lighten the FG snow just a touch. Great work on these.

@Brian_Schrayer, @Chris_Percival, @Nick_Bristol, @Harley_Goldman, @Ian_Cameron, @Ed_McGuirk, @Ed_Lowe, @Preston_Birdwell, thanks for the comments and suggestions. Always helpful!