Rhododendron Heavan

This was two images for foreground and sky. Canon 5DM4 16-35 Lens
Iso 200, 17 mm, F14, 1/40 for foreground, 1/25 for the sky.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I tried sliding over further to try and make the stream a more central portion of this image but i missed out on a lot of the rhododendrons. When I moved to the left to make this entirely a flower foreground the flowers seemed overwhelming so I split the difference. Thoughts?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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John, what a beautiful valley in full bloom! There is a lot to like here. Given your description of options it seems like you made a good choice. For me the stream is not a distraction and it adds interest. I might prefer a crop off of the foreground and a touch more of those nice clouds if you have them. Those are minor nits, very nice work!

John, This is a great collection of Rhodo’s that look like they could go on forever. The big bunch in the lower left balances nicely with that very craggy peak at the back and the bit of blue sky on the right. This comp. looks just fine to me as it emphasizes the blooms as it shows a setting that makes me wish I was there.

Wow John, this is a very striking image, nicely done. You had to maximize the composition potential of these wonderful rhododendrons, and I think you accomplished that pretty well. As you said, if you had stood to the right, you lose the big clump of flowers, and if you had stood to the left, the view down the field of flowers would have been blocked. I think your shooting position nicely captures the line of rhodys fading off into the mountains, and to me it is that long view of receding flowers that makes this image special. At first i thought the stream was a distraction, but the more I look at it, the more i like how it leads the viewers eye to the distant flowers. My only suggestion is that i might burn down the highlights in the stream a bit. But that is a nit, this is a great image.

Nothing to critique in the composition as far as I’m concerned, John - the stream off centre seems to be overhung by the main peak giving balance to the mass of flowers in the foreground. Very successful fidgeting I would say !!!

This is an amazing composition, John. Very well seen and very well composed. I think the exposure is challenging and I am not sure how I feel about the tonality. There is just something off about the contrast in the BG… also something to do with the blue in the sky. It feels like the highlights have been pulled back so much that it has the off look to my eyes. This is definitely a composition that’s worth playing a bit more.

The stream might be a problem off to the side like that, but for the great sweep of rhodies to accent it’s course. Even if you didn’t lose too many of them while moving the stream toward the center, I think you’d lose the impact of that great pink sweep. A very fine image just as it is.

I think this worked out just fine as far as the positioning of the camera, John. Sometimes we just have to make the best compromise. :grinning:I do like the in your face splash of color with the rhodies and the drama in the sky with the clouds works beautifully. I do agree with @Adhika_Lie about the BG lacking some contrast. This image is well worth making a few tweaks to raise it another notch.