Bandon Oregon at minus tide at sunset . I have been numerous times, composition is always a challenge but this time, the rocks never end…

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all…

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D610, 44mm (24-70), f16, 8 sec., iso100
Raw conversion in Capture one, finished in PS.

Nice work here Dan. The sky and sand have such a luminous glow. I just love the way the wet sand looks. And the sky looks downright creamy. I also like the golden reflection pool in the center of the image.

With this profusion of seastacks and rocks, I can see why you say composition is always a challenge here, it’s almost like organizing the chaos within a forest. I think you handled it pretty well overall. My only nit would be to ask for slightly more room on the left.

This is lovely Dan. My eye is drawn from the dark lower left to the upper right corner of the frame, pausing to take in that gorgeous luminous pool in the centre before being encouraged by the “flow” in the clouds to continue. A really nicely balanced image tonally and compositionally.

The soft warm light is exquisite in this scene, Dan. I also like the way the warm and cool tones compliment one another. My only suggestion would be to echo @Ed_McGuirk about a little more room on the left edge of the frame. This has such a calm vibe to it and looks like the perfect way to end the day.

This is beautiful Dan! I like the compositional triangle formed by the position of the foreground rocks and the background sea stacks. The somewhat subtle golden light is wonderful and gives this image a delightful mood!

Great choice for a long exposure the soft warm light and smooth clouds make this image for me.

Personal preference but I’d be inclined to boost the dark darks on the rocks a touch to show more details and texture.