Oregon Coast

Taken in Bandon.Really was attracted by the striations inn the sand around the near rocks.

Specific Feedback Requested

compostion processing

Technical Details

32mm 1/13 1/13sec iso 50


Comp seems pretty good, although the bright spot in the middle is kind of keeping me from looking around more. I think there might be a bit too much purple but hard to say honestly. The sky at top middle feels kind of like you dialed back the highlights and then it looks washed out/grey (I often struggle with this too). I like that the upper left holds you down into the frame. Maybe a bit more breathing room at the bottom of the frame would help. Hope this helps! =)

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What a lovely image, Mario. I think it’s one of your best from this last trip. You have a great foreground, middle ground, and background. And the light was perfect. When I first saw this I thought it would have been nice to have a bit more space below the foreground. I still think so. One thing that surprised me was your setting of 32mm ( because you said the fg is what attracted you). I probably would have gone with 24mm and filled more space while making the pillars smaller. But these are really nits. This is a wonderful image.

The bright reflection is a bit strong. Don’t know if you can burn that in at this point. Ideally you would want that fg to be brighter than that reflection. Maybe.

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I really like this and I totally understand your attraction the sand in the foreground because it is quite beautiful.


Glorious seascape image! The near-far composition is excellent and you did well to emphasize the foreground element. I do think maybe wider to include a bit more of that emphasis of the striations in the sand - but that’s all hindsight!

Sure, maybe the brighter highlight in sand could be mitigated a little bit, but overall I think your processing, colors, sat, contrasts, are excellent and this is well processed. And again, I think your composition is solid - if not rock solid… :slight_smile:

A great seascape image, Mario. I like it a lot. I agree with the comments already given. I just want to add that I like that the 2 stones in the FG match the 2 pillars in the BG. One very minor issue: If possible maybe the island seen inbetween the pillars could have been isolated from the left pillar.

Thank you all @Matt_Payne @Tom_Nevesely @Lon_Overacker @Igor_Doncov @Ola_Jovall for you comments…appreciated. I agree in retrospect I should have gone wider.

I like the comp… Bandon is tough I think, a lot of stacks to work with.
It does feel cramped a bit and I would lower the sky some as well as the bright spot in the sand.

Really beautiful image, Mario. I love the soothing colors of the sky and water. And I really like how the small foreground rocks kind of mimic the large boulders in the background. I like the slow shutter for the water too. Great capture!

Thank you @Vanessa_Hill @Dan_Kearl .