Royal Canadian Fertilizer Squadron

Cute !?! But just wait until they grow up. The impact of these Canada geese on human populations is significant. These federally protected birds can create health hazards on manicured lawns throughout the country. Yes, they were here first but they can be a nuisance species due to their propagation and fecal production.

Every year, there are discussions on how to control these birds. Today, our local newspaper reported on the killing of sea lions to protect wild salmon.

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It is a very cute line-up, David. The problems we create are interesting. Growing up, these were very much endangered. Now they are indeed a nuisance, though I believe it’s mostly the resident birds. Also, I believe these birds are hunted in season, though that’s unlikely to happen in the urban/suburban environs that the resident birds inhabit.

Very Nice family image!
The little ones are indeed “cute”
but why “Man and Fauna?” These appear free and wild…

Yes, they are wild but not exactly free. These geese return to the exact same places each year. Each generation nests in exactly the same area in which it was born. Each generation feeds on exactly the same lawns as its parents did. Yes, imprinting and instinct lead them to familiar breeding and feeding grounds.

When I moved into my house 15 years ago, I counted over 50 geese feeding on my neighbors yard. During that time, a fair percentage wandered over to my yard. It only takes 30 minutes to render a third of an acre unusable due to the vast quantities of goose poop.

I ignored it for the first 12 years I lived here and cursed when I mowed the lawn. And three years ago I put up an 18 inch high
Plastic fence which keeps the geese out. The adults can fly over but they will not do so when they have the babies in tow. Once flight school is over, they migrate elsewhere. So I feel after several generations, they will no longer try to visit my yard and will have found alternative feeding grounds. I can already see a decrease in numbers this year.

My next door neighbor has poisoned them and shot and killed one.
Another neighbor goes after them with a paint gun. These geese are protected by the migratory bird act. The department of fish and wildlife does enforce this rule. It is okay to chase them away or fence them out but illegal to harm or kill.

Our osprey return to the same nest every year too, and their offspring return to the same area. The swallows return to the same cliffs owned by our neighbor, who puts out nesting material for them.
These are all supposed to be in H and Fauna now? Very confused…?
The geese, osprey, and swallow images show no sign of man’s intervention - isn’t that the criteria?

Canada Geese, Starlings, House Sparrows are generally consider nuisance species and have a significant impact on human life. Man and fauna was meant to include environmental aspects. Like photo art, it is another category that was eliminated, though in NPN 1.

I don,t think osprey or swallows have that reputation or human impact.

I’m Really confused now! “Man and Fauna” was not eliminated - it was simple changed to HUMAN and Fauna for clarification - to include men, women, children, ALL humans.
Dennis, please clarify?


Here is a post of the critique galleries in NPN one. It was my recollection that the environmental photojournalism gallery was eliminated several years ago. I believe it was turned into man and nature and there was an expectation that environmental photojournalism would be put into that category.

Sometimes, an image requires supporting text to clarify its intent. I believe my image of the Canada geese included text that clarified its intent to qualify for human and fauna inclusion.

Sure- Dennis, thanks for clarifying - many many shades of gray! There certainly can’t be exact rules for something as subjective as photography. It’s always the Mod’s decision.
I was thinking back to a fairly recent image of mine where I disclosed that I cloned out a fence post or something, and put it in M and F for that reason, and others disagreed. I’ll edit this post and add that link, if I find it.


Hi David. Just saw an article about Denver’s solution to this problem. They round up the geese and slaughter them and donate the meat to feed the homeless. Denver actually has their own processing plant.