Sea of Yellow

What makes this image expressive?

Looking down from the top of the hill of one of my favorite hikes I loved the way the grasses seemed to be like waves of the sea. The patterns and the cool breeze of the warm summer day filled my heart with joy. It was a moment where nothing was thought about just felt.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything would be great!


The post came up twice, so I will reply to this one, although in the other post you asked about a crop, so I’ll cover that here too.

Firstly, thank you for posting Vanessa, I love images like this because of their honesty.

Nothing was though, just felt!

Isn’t that the best?

When we are children, we are free (or should be at least!) - as we age, we tend to become less free, more contained, more normal, and more of a compromise. I fight against this every single day, and fiercely hold on to the happy child I was.

When you feel, you do not think, or rather, we feel UNTIL we think. Then we begin to question, doubt, challenge and dissect our feelings and compare them to other feelings we’ve had, where they led us, and how our feelings compare to those of others.

Isn’t the human condition terrible!!

The image you have posted is honest and a reflection of a moment of just seeing, feeling and responding. That’s a win. Any analysis beyond that has limited value. Perhaps we could make the scene a little more abstract with some diffused glow, or a warmth.

If an image is born from pure emotion, process it in the spirit…

Kind regards and many thanks for your image.


Thank you, Alister, for your great thoughts. Life would be simpler if we could always be kids, right?! I like what you did. I’m not really good at post processing but is that a filter you used? Or did work with the colors balance? I don’t have Lightroom, I use an older iPad and have Pixelmator Photo for iPad which has some pretty nice options kind of like Lightroom, but it’s free!

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Thanks for that feedback. It’s really just contrast and using the hue and luminance to increase the intensity of some of the tones.

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