Sea Scapes

Heavy rains have created several small streams and falls over the cliffs, draining into the sea. The cliffs drained out a lot of black soil, creating this fine pattern. The scale could be deceptive. This could be about 5 meters by 10.
Am still a beginner in landscapes. so feel free to comment and critique.
6D2, 24-105, ISO400, 1/320, 7.1
Balan Vinod


Hi @Balan_Vinod.
I love intimate scenes. Even a big details like this contrast sad can give amazing intimate images like this.
Personally I would try to Fram the veins of sand going vertically and try to organized the caos a bit, even if it’s the cais that make this image work.
And perhaps, close the aperture a bit (f/11 maybe) and try to get enough DOF to make the top part more sharp
Still it’s a great image, thanks for sharing,

Real nice abstract scene. I am enjoying the intricate patterns and overall tones. No suggestions here.

Balan, this is a great abstract.

I really like sand patterns like this. This also looks like an aerial shot from above. Even more remotely, to me, it resembles waving hair. Or bird feathers. That’s what’s nice about abstracts. You can make lots of free associations.