See The Light

This is an in-camera multiple exposure dark of 9 exposures. In the woods, point up at the sky next to a nice looking tree. Post-processing limited to levels. Colours as per real situation, with manual white balance.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback welcome.

Technical Details


Ingrid, this is wonderful! I love the rhythm created by the repeating tree pattern. My eye naturally gravitates in towards the center which itself has some beautiful patterns. I get this feeling of fairy tale. The light transition from outer to inner is awesome too. Great work!

Regarding the technique, was there any camera movement as the camera fired off the exposures?

Wow, quite the interesting result! Nice!

Not sure what I am looking at but I like it a lot…

I don’t know why, but I’m immediately reminded of Alma Af Klint. The mandala pattern in the centre, the diffuse radial glow, the height: I am irresistibly drawn into this numinous image. This is absolutely wonderful. Divine!

Thanks so much everyone!

Hello Alfredo
Yes, the camera was moved around the same spot 9 times with regular intervals.

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Amazing abstract. I love how you can get lost looking around this image. So many interesting lines, circles, trees, rectangles, etc. Not only do the lines draw you in, but the colors are mesmerizing too. Just fabulous!

I have no idea what I’m looking at and that’s what makes a fantastic abstract. Great idea to do an in camera multiple exposure. Love the natural colors in this. So mesmerizing. So creative and well done, Ingrid.

Wonderful colors, patterns, and lines. Very striking.

Simply fantastic. I still can’t quite figure out what you did, but it’s a treat to explore. It’s both modern and ancient at once. It has a sacred quality to it.

Gorgeous image. So creative. I love it!

Congrats on the EP. Much deserved!

I love this image. It reminds me of staring at the ceiling of those Catholic Churches when I was a kid.

Much has been said already, so I keep it short: a wonderful image.

Well done! I echo the comments of many of those above, it’s very interesting.

Thank you so much everybody for the nice words and the appreciation. of the editor’s pick. Sorry I am late with my reply, but I was busy :sweat_smile:

Thanks again ad merry Christmas!

Wow! Amazing work, such a beautiful abstract! Congratulations on editors pick!

Art made with a lens

Congratulations, Ingrid. I remember seeing this photo for the first time, and the impact it had. Beautifully seen and executed!