Seed Pods of a Bottlebrush Tree

I was struck by the repetition and details of these 2mm seed pods

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

F/8, 1/125sec iso 400 105 mm Macro lens. 15 image focus stack. Processed in LR, Helicon Focus, and Ps

Richard, I can see where you were struck with the repetition and details of these little seed pods. Very well captured. I like the angle in which you placed it in the image as well. That background really makes the subject stand out nicely. Well done. I can’t think of anything that would improve the shot.

The pods are fascinating and your stack shows them off very well.

Now those are so cool. Like tiny drums or marshmallows. Great detail and that background suits. Stack looks good and the plane of focus is right where it needs to be. Super!

Thank you Shirley, Mark and Kristen for your time looking at my photo and your kind comments

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Hi Richard,

I like the details, sharpness, color, and overall comp. One item for improvement is that the lighting is very flat. You do not mention on how the specimen was lit during shooting. If you are using flash, off camera flash works better than on camera flash and soft shadows will generate more interest in the subject. More shadows will provide a more 3D effect for this presentation too. Well done…Jim

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Jim, your point is well taken. It was shot on a cloudy day with ambient light mainly front lit. I’ll try it again with off camera light

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You may have enough shadows to bring them up in post…Jim