Seeing the Trees in Spite of the Forest

I enjoy photographing trees and was attracted to their geometry in this image.
Your comments are appreciated.

Nikon D750, 70-200mm f4 lens, 1/15th second at f8, ISO 400

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This is about as much complexity and chaos as a woodland scene can have. With that said there are some interesting lines and angles present in the scene. I think processing this in B&W instead of color is a good first step in taming the chaos/complexity. B&W also is a good medium for emphasizing the strong lines and graphic shapes here. I also like that you chose not to show a full reflection, that helps to somewhat simplify the image as well.

My only suggestion is a subjective one, I’d crop a bit off the top, cropping just below where the V shaped notch is in the ULC. I think this would help simplify the image a bit further too. With that said, i think you have done very well with organizing the chaos and concentrating on the interesting geometry that you alluded to.

Thanks for your reply, Ed. I will try the crop you mentioned. Larry