Seekng PP advise

HI all…I removed the BG in PS elements with the Lighten tool on the raw file. The edge is course and jagged. What is the better way to do this…or the best way. Eventually I want to combine several of these on one file, via layers? And suggestions welcome. TY

I wouldn’t venture to suggest the “best” way, Steven, but I use Topaz Remask to select the bird and separate it from the background. It has some handy tools for refining the selection and you can set up the software to either create a mask or simply put the selection on a separate layer (my personal preference is for the latter, but that’s strictly my way of doing things because I’m more comfortable with layers than with masks). The Remask plugin for Photoshop is about $70, though their products are often on sale. I think they have the same functionality in their Studio 2 product, which is stand alone, so you don’t need Photoshop, but Studio 2 is about $100.

Steven, could you share the original image with the original background in tact? That would determine what kind of selection tool that we can use.

I would get to know the refine edge tool in elements, you can feather, etc. There are lots of videos on youtube

Thanks everyone for the help and direction