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Newbie here. Looking for help on how to move forward with selling my images. I have started a website with Squarespace. What is the best way to sell images online? Do I add a store to Squarespace or link another location to my website? Thank you for your time and help with this.

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I wish I had a specific answer for you, but I’m not familiar with Squarespace per se. In general terms, when it comes to selling online it may ultimately come down to how much work you would like to or plan to do yourself when it comes to printing and fulfillment.

For example, you could list a selection of images that are available as prints, which you will either print yourself or send off to a printing company (e.g., WHCC, Bay Photo, etc.) every time an order comes in.

Or if you can find a printer that offers a plug-in, then fulfillment becomes more automated: your sales portal connects with their system, so every order that comes through goes straight to them and they ship directly to the client. This may not be available with most DIY websites or tools such as Squarespace, but a system like PhotoShelter offers such a feature (my PhotoShelter portal is connected to WHCC).

Alternatively, I know that several folks sell separately on Etsy or FineArtAmerica/, which act as distinct storefronts that may generate more traffic than one’s own website. I get more sales via FineArtAmerica/Pixels than I do through my own site, in part because it’s a major general artwork hub, so people who are searching for broader subjects may find my photos there (whereas people coming to my site are specifically coming for my work).

In the case of FAA/Pixels, they’re doing all the printing. Photographers who like to control the printing process may not be interested in such things. FAA/Pixels also does allow you to embed their storefront in your website… so again, if you want less work, that could be an option. Etsy, OTOH, provides a similar separate portal (where anyone can search), but you’re doing the printing or fulfillment.

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I have a lot to say about this and gave a long presentation about it at Out of Chicago and for Camera Clubs. Here’s one graphic I created.

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I think on Squarespace you’ll have to use Shopify or another form of e-commerce plugin.


HI Lynette,
I use Squarespace to sell my cards and calendars and images. Since I print my images, my store is set up so the customer contacts me so we can discuss, paper type, size. The calendar and cards is more of a click to order and again I print the cards, but the calendars I have a small inventory. I just send them from here.
The way I did it was by setting up a shop/store and also set up the payment piece and link them. It has been a while since it was set up, I have not made many changes to it only when I add items to the store. I did get some help with the set up and formatting as I am a website designer.

I hope of this information helps. Let me know if you have other questions.


Max -

I’ve been on Squarespace for about six years now. It’s steady, it works very well, but you have to set up nearly everything yourself. The shopping backend is all theirs, no plugins from what I have seen. I find inventory a pain since you have to slug in everything yourself, including options, if you want the customer to be able to order online. To be fully honest, I have not put much into SEO on it myself and it shows. I get minimal traffic because I don’t maintain it much, but that’s on me. That’d be on me largely regardless of the platform you use, SEO and the website need to be dynamic and evolving in order to maintain your ranking in search. Matt Payne’s response was spot on.

Any questions specifically please feel free to reply or reach out.