Serene Fog

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What would you have done with this composition to strengthen it?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I tried a few luminosity masks to bring out some of the colors in the lights and darks. I applied a small amount of midtone contrast to pick up the details. Is my post processing sufficient for bringing out the subtle features of this landscape.

Any pertinent technical details:

This was taken at one of the higher elevations in Custer State Park. Needless to say, the mountain goats were invisible that day (LOL)…Jim

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.


I do think your processing worked quite nicely. It’s certainly not over processed and the color and details are showcased nicely and naturally.

What I first noticed is the blank negative space of the featureless fog. The good news though is what the fog is doing for the trees in the LR background; great mood and atmosphere that the fog is creating here. To that end, I’m wondering about cropping off the top to eliminate some of that blank space. That would help bring emphasis to the foggy trees and I think complement the fine details of the rock and pine that is the main subject. The two tall pines on the left are already cut off and coming down a little more off the top I don’t think hurts anything. But then, YMMV… just a thought.


Hi Lon,

Thank you for your critique and suggestions. I cropped a little of the top to get rid of some of the negative space. I have attached the cropped image…Jim

The bare tree in the lrc is a surprise. I like it for that reason. What do you think?

Hi Igor,

I agree. The panorama crop has made that little tree more prominent. I remember this scene–Jenny was driving, she stopped and I leaned out the window of the van and took several shots. I made sure that little tree was tucked into the frame. Well done and thank you…Jim