Shooting far away places from my own back yard

IC 5070 - the Pelican Nebula, 1800 Light Years from Earth

NGC 6888 - the Crescent Nebula, 5000 light years from Earth

Last year as part of a big of a photography gear buying splurge I picked up a tracking mount and telescope to augment my wide-field astrophotography options. I didn’t get to use it much due to travel and shooting landscapes, but as the world was turned on its ear a couple months ago, I decided to dive back into learning the ins-and-outs of deep sky astrophotography. It’s an entirely different universe, quite literally at times, from shooting and processing landscapes. Each of these shots are a combination of dozens of 5 minute exposures, and I really need to get at least 2 or 3 more full nights of exposures to add into what I’ve already captured to bring out more detail and color. With the addition of narrow-band filters and a dedicated monochrome astrophotography camera instead of my Canon DSLR bodies that I use for landscapes, I’m able to negate much of the effects of light pollution, however create a whole lot more work for myself when editing.


Man, these are stunning. All the work you put into creating these images really paid off. Just gorgeous and beautiful. Makes me appreciate the vast universe.

Awesome shots Jon - well done!

Beautiful and fascinating images!

Stunning images, I’ve nothing but admiration and it’s only a lack of skill and dedication that stops me trying :slight_smile: