Sky, Water, Land

Quite close to my home, I like this beach in Rockanje, the Netherlands.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Leica M9, Voigtländer Ultra Wide Heliar 12 mm.

The textures and colors are quite engaging. I feels very real. Can’t think of anything to improve. Looks nice.

Love the X composition. Everything is bursting from the crossing. There’s lots of vitality in this image and all that energy is coming from the center. This is a fine image with lots of emotion. This could also be a great b&w but this looks great to me as is.

This is one of those cases where the 50/50 composition works because there is symmetry in all directions.

This is a tremendously dynamic image with so much depth. That being said, for me, this is an image that is really about texture and line and so I think it would be that much more powerful in B&W. I’d certainly want to give it a try.

Thank you, Kerry. I did try to convert it to B&W, but I lost too much of the detail that was carried by the colour. My Monochrom is in repair right now, but when it is back I’ll try a version with a monochrome sensor and Orange filter. That should do better.

Jaapv, a beautiful and dynamic scene. I would be inclined to back off on the cyan, but that is well into the personal preference realm. I can see why you like this beach and the clouds cooperated rather nicely.

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Thank you for your kind comment. I just recalibrated my Eizo CG and not only do the cyans look fine to me, they measure 0 in the colour adjust box. However, as you say, a matter of personal preference :smiley: