Small tree at Tevån river (rework)



When photographing the Tevån river (Härjedalen, Sweden), I recognized this small scene with a tree at the riverbank on the opposite side of the river. I liked the tree as well as the background, the BG add interest but does not take over IMO.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Rather strange settings, but this is what the EXIF says:
f/4, 1/50, ISO 64, Olympus lens 40-150mm @ 82mm (164 mm equiv.), Olympus camera OM-D E-M1X (mft system), tripod, cable release

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I can see why you stopped to look. That tree stands out and is so vibrant. But it’s busy. I keep looking for something to hold my attention besides the color. Hm…

@Ola_Jovall , My kind of image ! A nice vibrant composition of leaves against the darker (interesting ) background.
They do well in my eyes. In this image one has to see the whole image and not try to discover where the eye is going. Well made!

Thanks Ben, I am glad you liked the image. I also have a similar impression of the image.

Kristen, thanks for your comment, it is appreciated. I can of course understand your point of view.

It is one of the most rewarding parts of NPN to get different opinions on your images and then to meditate. It is very helpful to develop as a photographer.

Hi Ola, I can see why you related to my Cascade; it has much of the feeling of your Small Tree. In this image, both the rock wall and the plant are very interesting. But yellow is a color that demands they eye to pay attention. I am a bit sympathetic to Kristin in that the yellow takes me several directions. I played with the image a bit and thought that the some of the foliage could be burned or desaturated to let the other foliage present a diagonal. I darkened the top of the foliage, conveying a downward flow, but you might do the opposite to convey an uplifting flow to the right. If you try downward, you might consider flipping it to get a downward diagonal to the right.

Thanks @Dick_Knudson for taking your time reworking the image. I really like your approach, and will try to implement something similar myself.

Might also try hue shift of yellow to green as alternative to burn / de-saturate.

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@Dick_Knudson, @Kris_Smith and @Ben_van_der_Sande, I have now reworked the image based on your comments. Posted at the top. Once again, thanks for your input.

Your result conveys a richly quiet mood. The reduced brightness invites one to enjoy the flow of the tree, rather than demands one to admire it.

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You’re welcome @Ola_Jovall - I like the rework better. As Dick notes, it invites more study because it’s more subtle and not as harsh/vivid. Now I can see the tree, not just the leaves. Nicely done!

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