Smugmug Self Fulfillment

I just finished making my website with SmugMug and am struggling with one aspect of it. How do I self fulfill orders? Bay Photo does a great job with prints but does not give me the finite control I would like. Does anybody have a workaround that allows the ease of shopping that Smugmug offers in combination with printing at my own lab?

send email to support they have responded to me very promptly,

Not to be a downer, but I’ve found the pursuit of selling prints to be pretty much a dead end road. Even world famous photographers freely admit that little of their income comes from print sales.
I use Smugmug for my website. But never set it up to sell prints, so I can’t help in that regard.
That being said, can’t you just put a statement on your site that says anybody interested in purchases can contact you directly?

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This is one of the biggest downfalls of SmugMug, you simply can’t self-fulfill. Here’s an official response from SM about this

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Hi Matt,

I ran into the same concern when I first started my self-hosted website. How to sell prints? How to make prints or digital downloads to clients. Or both.

I wanted full control, so that eliminated all 3rd party providers, and a lot of them have gone belly up as of result of internet climate change. I suspect Smugmug is headed in that direction (by their admission).

In any event, it is a bit of work to set up and admin a ‘sister webpage’, but that is the road I took. Over the years, I have setup some 55 galleries for Clients in Newspaper, Hotel, Modeling, State Parks, Workshops, … when the need comes up; I have a way for the client to access content, order, pay and download or request print.

You may want to consider giving this link a look;

I agree with others that selling prints directly from your web is challenging; however, selling your work to a Client is something that you may want to prepare for.

There is nothing more gratifying than to send your Client a personalized link to your uploaded content and have them look through their images and have them select and pay.

One last suggestion is that wedding and event photographers are an excellent source for more ideas on your question.

I have used both SmugMug and Bay Photo for a number of years. My website points to SM for my client galleries. I have some clients that just order from the SmugMug gallery and I usually put a print delay of a day or two to double-check the images before they get printed. I set the markup which works out well but as others have said print sales are far and few between these days. I also have some clients that prefer to order through me and I use the Bay Photo ROES application. I just ask the client to send me a list of which images they want and sizes, I can then have Bay Photo drop ship the order directly to the client. All of this is a bit clunky but since print sales are few and far between, this works for me.

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@wisemufin I love everything about my Smugmug site except that I can’t self fulfill orders, I don’t see them changing that anytime soon since they make money off each sale. it’s very time consuming and I haven’t started down that habit hole yet but an option is to list images you want to sell on a page and add a paypal button. It’s not ideal but it may work for you.

What you’d do would be to copy the button code for your PayPal button, and then add that to any page of your SmugMug site using an HTML content block. On the page​ in question, click Customize > Content and Design. Under Content > Add Content Blocks > HTML + CSS, drag an HTML block to the page. Paste in your PayPal button code and save. You could then add other elements to the page, like a Single Photo block, a text block, etc. This would allow someone to make a direct payment or donation to you via PayPal. You would then need to fulfill the order yourself, of course :slight_smile: