Sniffing in all the wrong places

I was out in the Nevada desert with my new girl Tioga (I have had her for two months, she is 15 months old). Tioga is a nose-to-the-ground sniffer, which does not always work to her benefit. She was looking a bit miffed here.


Harley, she is a real beauty, and will be a trusted friend I am sure. The sand on her nose and mouth says it all. Thanks for sharing her with us.

:heart_eyes: She’s so cute! That sand mustache says it all. Tioga is a great name, too. Happy trails to you two.

You need to enter her in a mustache contest, Harley. It’s a perfect one. A very cute image and I like the brown palette.

Harley, really nice to see Tioga has been able to join you on your new adventures. She is a gorgeous looking lady too. Where she maybe a sniffer mine is a genuine consumer of anything and everything on the ground. It’s a real challenge at times… :clown_face:

Aw… what a handsome gal… Can’t wait to meet her!

She’s a fine looking gal!

I have a caption for the pic:

That awkward moment when you realize…
It wasn’t what you thought it was.