Stump-tailed Macaque and infant_B&W

This is a B&W copy of an image I posted several weeks ago. That previously processed image was very noisy and wasn’t very compelling as presented. However I think the image has some value in portraying an intimate interaction, so I converted it to a black and white.

Does this work as a B&W, or should I just can it and move on? Any and all comments would be appreciated, thanks.

500mm f/4
1/250s @ f/8
ISO 4000
1 1/3 EV
Gitzo monopod w/ RRS MH-01 head

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Chuck, I think you should can it - send it to me, and I’ll take care of that for you. (LOL)

Seriously, if you consider canning images this compelling, then I hate to think what you already may have pitched.
I think this B&W is excellent and the adorable baby and mom’s eyes make up for all else - and I really don’t see very bothersome noise in this image. Besides, who knows what spectacular software will come out in the future that might ‘rescue’ images like this.
Will now go look at the first image and add more prn.

Well, I liked the first post, despite the noise, Chuck. However, I think this one works better. It makes the noise look like an old fashioned black and white image, so it fits. I think the composition works very well.

Thank you both. I don’t often consider converting an image to B&W-so I appreciate the feedback.


B&W photography simplifies the image by excluding the color. Even this image is noisy but I agree with Dennis that it looks like old world B&W, where noise was inherent in the image.

Charles: looks like a very compelling image to me. I’m not seeing the noise you refer to, but do see a photo that captures this behavior very well. It’s a keeper! Richard