Sun on the Pines

It was such a peaceful morning. I was the only one up on the upland prairie at Chip Ross Park. It’s hard to really get an amazing sunrise because of trees in the way but looking across to this hill of pines it was so beautiful watching the light move across the trees.

Specific Feedback Requested

Even though I know what it looked like when I saw it in person I know it might look too subtle to really get the feeling of the sun moving across the trees. Any critique is welcome!

Technical Details

Nikon D3400, ISO 400, 300mm/450mm equivalent, 1/320, f6.3, always handheld.


I do apologize for getting back to you late on this one. But I have some adjustments that help this scene out.

I will start off by saying this…where there’s darkness there’s light. To bring out the light you mentioned you have to really get that contrast and highlights going. With the edit, I opened a levels adjustment layer in PS, brought the mid tones down and pushed the highlights up. That one adjustment got the light really going in this scene. I cropped some of the right side off as that area wasn’t doing much and didn’t really add much to the scene. I also cleaned up the bottom edge of the frame. The only thing I didn’t address is the shadows. I think there may have been some type vignette that was added in your original version that made those shadows a little darker.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you, so much, @David_Thompson! I’ll have to someday try PS for processing. I really like how what you did makes the light seem to be moving more! Does a vignette get added by moving sliders the wrong way or maybe too much one way or the other? I might have been doing the curves tool too which I see sometimes changes one thing the way I like and then another part of the picture not so much. This was a hard one for me. Thanks so much for taking the time to show me what you did I’ll have to try it with what I have! This has been great!

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There are multiple ways to create vignettes. You can do them manually with brushes, you can create them with any type adjustment layers that darken the scenes then you can brush out the center on a layer mask and keep the edges dark, you can use the vignette sliders in ACR or LR, and there’s also a vignette option in PS in the lens correction menu.

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