Sunrise at Dante's Look Out in Death Valley

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Processed with Nik’s Silver Effex after adjustments in the color file in LR and PS

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It’s nice to see a Death Valley image for a change that’s not about sand dunes. The graphic shapes and textures of these ridges work really well in B&W. I like the contrast created by having both a brighter and darker ridge in the foreground. By my count there are at least 7 distinct ridges here, and I think your composition places them into a nice arrangement. Overall, I think this image works well. No nits from me, I like this as presented. Nice work…

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Hi Karl - I agree with Ed that I think the composition works nicely and that black and white elevates the scene overall. My only observation in terms of critique is that the back ridges seem to be darker on the tops and then fade to a less contrasty grey as they move down the frame. You could consider evening out the tones from the top to bottom of each ridge. Otherwise, I am really enjoying this rendition of my favorite national park.

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Great observation Sarah - thanks!

That is a processing boo boo :slight_smile:
Will correct those darker areas using lum masking instead of a feathered LR brush