While hiking recently on a local trail I came upon an area of the lake with many dead trees (pretty depressing actually) but the sun had just started to rise, giving an eerie sort of feel to the scene. What I like about the image is the contrast between the sun rising, creating a new beautiful day, and the dead trees still standing and not willing to give up quite yet.

All thoughts and comments are welcome.

Nikon Z611, f/22, 1/1250sec., iso 250 @ 28mm (28-300mm), tripod.

Linda, the dark branches reaching throughout the frame constrast wonderfully with the strong sunstar and the bits of flare. I’d suggest cloning out the faded bit near the lower left corner. There are a couple of dust spots (tiny one in the lower part of the flare and larger one to the right of the flare), plus the duplicated “ghost branch” along the bottom, all of which are easy fixes on a fine photo.

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Wow – this is very eye-catching! I haven’t had time to even check in here for a while but just had to give this one a quick thumbs up!

The larger dark spot could be dust on the back element of the lens.

I like the lens flare here, but just to mention it, there are now some good ways to remove it with some of the newer tools in LR. No time to do more now than mention it, but I think @Kris_Smith has put up some information on it?

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@Mark_Seaver, I appreciate (and am humbled) you’ve taken the time to comment on my glaring mistakes. At the time I saw this scene I was “WOWed” (first rookie mistake) and scrambled to get the shot before it disappeared. In post processing I realized several things; 1) I had blown out the whites and 2) I should have tried to move my position so the sun was blocked more by the tree, thus hopefully, avoiding the totally blown out whites. I have re-posted with the suggestions you made. Thank you again

@Diane_Miller, thanks for you thoughts and I’ll definitely find @Kris_Smith info on handling the lens flare issues.

Hi ladies - I have used frequency separation in Photoshop to correct lens flare. My issue wasn’t as big as the area in your shot, Linda, but here’s a video I learned from

and another

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Thanks, @Kris_Smith watching it right now!