Talking trunks

Thanking you for your kind comments and views!
Canon 30D; 500 mm; ISO 400; 1/250 sec. at F 4.5.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Good stuff, Jagdeep. Always a treat to see your images here. A fun shot that makes me wonder what they’re “saying” to each other. The softer light and color are very nice, and I like that the eyes are so visible. Only minor nit: there is a very fine sharpening halo at the high contrast edges. Of course a large print would not show that - only for web presentation. This occasionally happens with mine, and so after sharpening I’ll go over those edges as needed with a very small softening brush. Now I realize that may be tricky because of the fine hairs, but that same halo would not be as noticeable there, so softening is probably not necessary in those places. Hope this make sense to you.

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I like the poses of these elephants. As Bill stated, the halos can be fixed and the image may not require much sharpening at all for posting. Well done…Jim

A wonderful moment and great composition, Jagdeep. I think you framed this just about perfectly. any wider and the heads and trunks would be too small in the frame. Others have mentioned the halos. If you don’t mind cloning, I find the greenery in the upper right a bit distracting. There’s enough structure in the far background to communicate the habitat, so I don’t think it adds anything to the image.

Print it… Exceptional and would sell in a heartbeat!

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