Tanamunningen natur reservat in northern Norway

Image: Hundreds of seagulls at the bottom of Tanafjord


Specific Feedback Requested: Nikon D750 /Tamron 70-210 f4

That is a striking mountain - great stratigraphy! Those seagulls make for an equally striking counterpoint to the mountain. Lovely.

Jorma, the multitude of bright seagulls and all of the layers in the mountain make a striking view. I think some gentle mid-tone dodging of the mountain would let it play a larger role in the view, without distracting from the gulls.

Great image Jorma.

The birds add a great sense of scale. I agree with @Mark_Seaver and think the mountain could take some subtle mid-tone dodging. I would crop out the line of water in the foreground. It tends to act as a barrier and stops the flow into the image.

Cropping it will also add size and focus to the relevant elements; the mountains and the birds. With or without, awesome image!