The crack in everything

Critique Style Requested: Initial Reaction

Please share your immediate response to the image before reading the photographer’s intent (obscured text below) or other comments. The photographer seeks a genuinely unbiased first impression.

Questions to guide your feedback

I was trying to create an image about the way that many familiar things seem fragile these days, including nature.

I’m still unsettled about whether it should be in color or black and white.

Other Information

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Image Description

I don’t think how an image was made really matters. For those who disagree, this is a composite of two images. I could have done it as a double exposure but then I wouldn’t have had any control over opacity, etc.

Technical Details

Not applicable.

Specific Feedback

Any feedback would be welcome. I have some concern that the centered horizon and the centered tree might make the image seem dull.

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Very cool! The B/W for me!! I love the way the top of the bush stands out and the base is dark. The OOF texture makes me look harder and ask questions. And of course the crack raises all sorts of philosophical and existential questions – like is the bush going to be there the next trip? Do I dare take one more step closer? :upside_down_face: (No, seriously – it offers material worthy of careful consideration.)

And it is probably just due to visual weight but nothing appears to me to be too centered – both the horizon and the bush look to me to follow the rule of 7/16 – one of my favorites.

Diane, thanks for commenting. :slight_smile:

Don, this is cool image to study. I can see why you are having a hard time choosing color or black and white. I love the marbled colors in the to image. It almost feels like it was photographed underwater. The black and white image showcases the line in the crack better. I love the idea of fragility expressed in your image.

Hi Don, your image is super interesting! It makes me think about where this scene could be and makes me travel in my mind as I admire it. I particularly like this color photograph and see your idea of fragility expressed in it. As if the bush is about to fall off a cliff.

Alfredo, Nicolas, thanks for the comments. It’s good to know that this image connects with someone!