The Dancer and the Dogwood

This is an evening shot I found on a somewhat overcast evening near home. The clouds lended a soft light which I brought out a bit in post. I love this tree which has this really nice swooping character framing a small dogwood in the background from this perspective.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all are appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Two image focus stack.
Simple dodging and burning to bring out the light and add contrast to the dogwood. Slight orton effect and vignette were added at the end.


This is nice. The overcast light really suits the scene and as you say, it’s a great tree. Since this is a critique forum, I feel it is my duty :grin: :grin: to find something wrong, LOL. I would probably clone some leaves over the sky in the ULC.

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Brilliant concept for this image, its almost like having a picture within a picture given the way the trees frame the center of the image. Good spacing on the trees here too. The green colors came out nice here too, rich but not over-saturated. My only nit would be to slightly de-saturate the greens in the LLC, to keep more attention in the center.

@Michael_Lowe did his duty well here, I agree about cloning in the ULC.

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Both the Orton and vignette look very tasteful to my eye. They are easy to overdue, but look very good here.

I do like the way you framed the flowering tree with the foreground trunks and limbs. I could see cropping a little tighter to emphasize that (and you could get that pesky @Michael_Lowe off your back by removing that sky section too :smiley: ).


I love the story in the title. The dancing is so much present in your composition .

Adam ,
This is a lovely woodland scene and I am really enjoying the way you framed the dogwood with the tree in the FG. The suggestions you have already received are spot on IMO. This may be just me because no one else has mentioned it, but the trees look a little magenta to me; just my opinion of course. Anyway, I quite like this image. It is always nice finding an image close to home.

Thanks, @Ed_Lowe.

I agree about the magenta cast. Believe it or not, it was actually worse straight out of camera. The WB was challenging in this overcast/late evening light. I’ll work on dialing it back more in my rework of it. Appreciate your thought to point that out.