The Eagle Nebula

Located in the constellation Serpens, discovered in 1745, 5700 light years away.
The "Eagle " is the small dark slihouette in the center of this gigantic gas cloud.
The center of the image is also famous as the “Pillars of Creation” photograph by the Hubble telescope.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any suggestions welcome.

Technical Details

3 hours imaging at Stub Stewart park, Oregon, bortle 4.
asi533 astro camera with z81 telescope. Effective focal length 1200mm.
PP in Astropixel, Capture, Pixinsight, Affinity, Photoshop.

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Wonderful image. I really like the ‘Subaru’ looking star effect. I thought the very brightest part could be dodged a bit and I liked it somewhat when I tried it. Might as well post the subtle change. You get a bit more cloud texture but the feeling of the power of light may be a bit diminished.

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I have not done any deep space work myself but the right half of the comp is pretty lacking, so I would consider rotating it to the right by 90 degrees and cropping off the bottom.

Thanks Igor, I appreciate you taking the time to critique and rework, it looks good.
Matt, good comp suggestion, the image is full frame, cropping Astro images is tricky, best to have the comp in camera as Astro sensors are small and taking off much can make the noise overwhelming.