The Insignificance Of Man

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Image Description

As I stood scanning the Vatajokull Glacier in Iceland, the lone climber in the right lower corner caught my eye. Compared to the massiveness of the glacier, the human was almost insignificant. However, we insignificant beings collectively are responsible for the melting of this and other glaciers.

Technical Details

Nikon 800E, Nikon 80-400 mm lens @150 mm, ISO 2500, f16, 1/200 sec

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Looking for feedback on the emotional and conceptual feelings generated by this image.

One person is insignificant, billions of them is another story and you’ve gotten that across here quite effectively. Did you re-color the person’s clothing red? If so, good move. If not, great luck! I might have moved the person a little higher up if I had the Photoshop skills, but it’s not bad as is. I like the jagged nature of the ice and the hints of blue within. I’ll probably never get to see one in my lifetime.

I appreciate your feedback. The hiker actually wore those colors. The glaciers in Iceland are melting so fast causing the land to rise. Paul

Paul, what an incredible capture of glacial ice. The way you presented this image creates awe and wonder on the part of this viewer.

Having seen glaciers up close, you realise just how insignificant man is when it comes to nature. The crevasses are immense and unless you see an image, such as this one you took, where there is a human to show the scale, a viewer would have no idea just how immense the crevasses on this glacier really are.

The power of nature is something man cannot fully grasp. Take a look at the power of storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and the like. Unfortunately, man is destroying nature at an alarming rate.

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Thank you for your kind comments. Your comments on nature are dead on. Paul