The Spring Flat + Repost

Erynnis montanus should be appearing soon in S Korea. It’s the first skipper of the year, and will be well camouflaged against the backdrop of autumn and winter vegetation.

Specific Feedback Requested

I left in the orange bud as it suggests the onset of new growth. What do you think?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D7100 + 105mmf2.8 micro X 1.4 (150mm), f13, 1/500, ISO560

I like the square crop and it looks like all the wee one is in focus. Those antennae are really something with the little scoops at the ends. I didn’t register the bud in that way when I saw it, but your interpretation rings right. I might tone down the effect of it a bit since the butterfly is not so brilliantly colored.

Question - did you take this in cool temps? It’s hard to get these guys to sit still!

Gorgeous photo. The moth is so crisp I feel like I’m looking at it through a magnifying glass. Perfectly positioned in the frame. Nicely blurred background. I find the orange bud to be distracting. Since you can’t really tell what it is, it doesn’t add anything to the photo. Really beautiful, eye-catching photo.

Thank you @Kris_Smith and @Chris_Baird. Here’s a repost with the bud removed. Kris, I don’t think it was a cool day, but this species does tend to return to the same spots from time to time which helps a lot.

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Mike, the details in the skipper look great. Getting some of the iridescence showing is a good bonus.