They are all called Emma

Huge flocks of Gulls on the beach today
Leica CL.Sigma 100-400

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I like the pano presentation, Jaapv. The exposure and focus look excellent. I do find myself wishing more of them were facing in your direction instead of away.

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Very cool. I like the panorama perspective, Jaapv.

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So do I - the problem is that they fly like this when my dogs disturb them (it is a dog beach) and they fly to settle a bit further away.

Edited the title for this reason (by Christian Morgenstern)

Die Möwen sehen alle aus,
als ob sie Emma hießen.
Sie tragen einen weißen Flaus
und sind mit Schrot zu schießen.

Ich schieße keine Möwe tot,
ich laß sie lieber leben -
und füttre sie mit Roggenbrot
und rötlichen Zibeben.

O Mensch, du wirst nie nebenbei
der Möwe Flug erreichen.
Wofern du Emma heißest, sei
zufrieden, ihr zu gleichen.

The seagulls by their looks suggest
that Emma is their name;
they wear a white and fluffy vest
and are the hunter’s game.

I never shoot a seagull dead;
their life I do not take.
I like to feed them gingerbread
and bits of raisin cake.

O human, you will never fly
the way the seagulls do;
but if your name is Emma, ​​why,
be glad they look like you.

(Translated by Karl F. Ross)

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