Tigress on the riverbed

This shot was taken late in the evening, pushing everything to the max.
Thank you so much for your kind comments & views!

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn) Canon 5D4; 500 mm; ISO 2000; 1/640 sec. at F 4.

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Jagdeep, I do not post or critique here on wildlife but I could not resist commenting on this image. The eyes, posture, menacing look and strait on perspective of this subject makes me feel like the prey!

The out of focus brush in the foreground adds to the effect I am hiding but it will not help me!

Beautifully presented!

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A wonderful wildlife capture, indeed, Jagdeep. I have to agree with Alan’s critique, that the tiger seems to have me in his view for the next meal seems emanate. Obviously the 500 mm lens was sufficient, but looking through the viewfinder must have been a bit of a heart racing experience.

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Very cool, Jagdeep. I love the head on pose. Normally, I’d say a bit of a crop would help, but when I view the larger image, the Tigress pops so well that I think the size in the frame works just fine. Excellent image.

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It’s a gorgeous subject and works so well with the bright greens. I think you could truly center the tiger in the frame (it’s a bit off-center to the left). It’s also tempting to recommend cropping the semi-distracting dark patches off the top, but proportionally this crop makes sense too.


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The straight stare is simultaneously menacing, alarming and alluring . The composition placing you right into the tigers world. Mesmerizing image Jagdeep.

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