Tsaina River Sunlight #1

Image Description

This is an old stitched panorama of the Tsaina River and the Worthington Glacier in the background mountains. It was taken near the Tsaina Lodge about 35 miles from Valdez, Alaska on the Richardson Highway. The sun is very low in the Winter so it lights up the mountain peaks but everything else is in the shadows of the mountains. This small river flows under the snow all year round despite frequent temperatures below -35° F.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

Any feedback is always appreciated.

Technical Details

Sony DSC-F707 and I don’t have the EXIF data without digging up the original single frames. It is multiple vertical photos stitched to make the panorama and the the stitching software I used at that time didn’t preserve the EXIF data.

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I can believe you had trouble deciding on images for this challenge!! But I think you found an exceptional one! I love the sunlight vs shade and the angle of the FG trees. Dynamic light and composition!