Flowing to the Light

Thought I’d add a winter scene to the challenge. This is the Lowe River at Valdez, Alaska just before Christmas, last year. It was obviously very cold and the river was steaming from the temperature differential. This was taken from the South side of the valley, which is in the shade of the South Mountains, and looking North where the mountains are brightly lit by the mid day sun.

Sony a6300, SE1670Z @ 24mm, ISO-100, f/8.0, 1/400, hand held.


Gary, I recall mornings like this only too well. Thankfully I was provided arctic gear for protection up there. I ventured out many times in 30-40 below zero weather.
The transition and path along the river works nicely in leading our eyes directly toward the well lit mountains in the BG.
Your statement about midday light sounds about right as I recall the winter light was very limited in the shortened winter days. As a result of the low light horizon the overall exposure is excellent and not harsh at all…well done…:sunglasses:

Gary, this looks like a very chilly day, with the bright blue sky and the clean white “everything else”. The shade to sun transition works well with the view up the stream nicely inviting. I’m surprised that the river is this open.

This looks cold , Gary! I like the cool tones in this winter scene along with the lead in line of the river; it does a great job of drawing me into the image.

Excellent water texture accented by the ice in the river. I really like the way the river leads one into the sunny mountains in the background. Excellent reflection. The cool tones work very well here.

Nice, Gary. I also like the cleanness of the blue and white in winter images. Really good job on the dark-to-light transition here.
Trying to figure out exactly where this is, but I obviously don’t know that place like you do!!!

Thanks, Genny. This was taken from the main bridge over the Lowe River on the Dayville Road.

Thanks, Gary, I figured it was the Lowe, just wasn’t sure where.