Dayville Road Winter Vision

One of my favorite views from the Dayville Road, Valdez, Alaska. Dayville Road runs along the base of the mountains on the South side of the bay. Since the sun is very low in the winter, this side of the bay is always in the shade of the mountains. The mountains in the background of this image are on the opposite (North) side of the bay and get the direct sunlight. In this case it’s later in the afternoon so the sun is only lighting the tops of the mountains. I love this view that shows the contrast between the brightly lit peaks and the shaded snow covered forest on the South side. I shot two vertical images and stitched them in order to get the full depth of the scene.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
Sony a6300, SEL1670Z @ 16mm, ISO-250, f/8.0, 1/800, hand held, 2 vertical photos stitched.


You have succeeded admirably! The sunlight on the mountain peaks contrasts beautifully with the shaded creek bed and I find myself shivering just looking at the image. I love that you’ve gone with a square format as this image is as much about verticality of leading line of the creek as it is about the horizontality of the sunlit mountain peaks. Lovely composition.

Gary, the zig-zag of the river and the heavily laden trees in the shade are set off very well by the sunlit peaks behind. It looks both chilly and inviting at the same time.

Gary, the sinuous curves of the river add a strong dynamic element to this scene. I also like how the trees are bending down to the river, they add a lot to the visual flow, re-enforcing the leading line of the river. The composition here is very well thought out on your part, nice work there. Given how chilly this looks, you were fortunate to have some open water in the river, it’s a big what part of what makes this image work so well.

This is simply beautiful Gary. Well seen and well processed. A wall hanger for sure.

All said above – I can only add a thumbs up! I love the reflections in the center of the frame, and almost missed noticing them. I wonder if a subtle brightening in that area (maybe just limited to the water?) could bring them out more without looking forced?