I almost passed this scene right by as I was going to pack it in for the day. I rotated the tripod around, though, and saw this through the viewfinder (well the other way around - this is flipped). I liked the way it looked like a landscape, with the rolling hill and trees, all of which are reflections. The flow of the creek was just enough to produce the nice squiggly reflections, while the creek bed that showed through made a nice texture.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments welcome. I did a lot of work to bring out some contrast, as the original was really flat (the day was quite overcast).

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
a73r, 132mm, 1/30s, f/16, ISO 400.

Another wonderful and creative image. As Photographer of the Year we’ve now grown to expect that. As the top unveiled itself from top to bottom my reaction - wow this is great. Then as the bottom unveiled my reaction was the same for the bottom. However, in this case the sum of the parts is not as strong as the parts. I would crop some of the bottom and make this mostly light or I would crop off some of the top and make it mostly about the browns. Just my 2 cents

PS The image now appears in a separate tab so I can’t download to even test my theory on this image. That’s unfortunate.

Got it to work in Safari:

Excellent abstract! I especially enjoy the texture/color of the bottom section. (I wonder how a version would look where the ratios flipped, with more of the bottom and less of the top?)

Thank you @Igor_Doncov and @John_Williams for your comments. I’ve tried to incorporate your comments into a rework, but it’s just not working with the various exposures I made. At some point I’ll return to this spot and try again. Thanks!

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This is a fine image Bonnie. Most of us would be very happy with it. Critiquing you’re work is challenging because it’s at a high level. So what is there to say?