(W-repost) Cat Walk

The moment I saw this tigress coming, I was seeing in B&W.
This is from my last shoot in Dec. 2021.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R 5; RF 100-500 mm lens; ISO 1250; 1/500 sec. at F 7.1


A wonderful scene here, J. I like how the B&W version slightly mimics the tiger’s stripping with the BG highlights and shadows… :sunglasses:
Only thought for change would be to select the tigress and raise the exposure slightly. Just a thought for another look. … :thinking:

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I concur. I would take a look at lightening up the exposure of the subject a tad.

Actually this was a difficult image to process, to get this separation, I had to process the BG different from the tiger image.
After reading the comments, I gave it a second try and here’s the result…

J, the revised image is better. I think the first image the tigress seemed dark and a bit muddy. This image the face is much clearer… :+1:

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Another vote for the repost! Oh she’s amazing. I also love how well you’ve shown what those stripes are for. And that cats, no matter what size or species, all walk the same.

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