Waterproof boots or wellies?

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for waterproof boots that go up to around knee level, can be hiked in for short distances, and that aren’t too expensive. I’ve looked at Bogs and Muck boots but they range in the $100-$200 range and I was hoping for something cheaper.
I’m essentially looking for something to shoot in when I’m around water - lake shores, wetlands, small streams.

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t tried these but they seem to be an affordable alternative to muck boots

Thanks for the suggestion, David. I was just about to get a pair of Muck boots, but considering the incredibly low price, I’ll give these a try first.

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Most hardware stores carry plain old-fashioned rubber boots similar to these. When I was in Texas a couple of years ago, I noticed they made them in white-a good idea for a hot climate. If you want a little more height, plain rubber hip waders are still pretty inexpensive.

I’ve been pleased with my NEOS so far. I’ve had them ~ 2 years. They fit over my hiking boots. I’ve used them in snow, shallow surf and streams. I’ve worn them for 1 mile or so of hiking. Otherwise, I clip them to my pack and hike in. A little clunky to carry but not so bad to wear.

Craig, which NEOS boot do you have? I was looking into getting the River Trekkers, which are thigh high but it appears as though they are discontinued. Maybe I should go back and look at some of their other offerings.

Thanks for the suggestions guys, I will definitely have a look at those. I’ll admit that I’m a little worried about super cheap boot though. I used to own a cheap pair of rubber boots (from Walmart I think) but the rubber somehow shrunk so much that I was no longer able to even put them on.

NEOS Adventurer don’t go quite up to knees, but work very well and are so much more comfortable than rubber boots.

Thanks Greg, I will have a look!

NEOS adventurer 15” (Amazon). I feel like they are a compromise. Climbing rocky streams they work but if it was quite technical, the combination of canyoneering shoes and waterproof socks seems best. Marshes - wellies or waders would be best. But for snow and slush, the beaches of ONP, these work for me.

I’ve found myself suddenly bootless walking in sticky mud…if you can find one that helps with that…LOL

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