Webinar - Capturing the Ephemeral by Luis Solano Pochet

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About the Webinar

How to convert the intangible into a life project? Nature photography has taught me that each moment is ephemeral and unrepeatable. I will tell you the stories behind the photos, moments that have marked my journey and how pursuing a dream has helped many others achieve theirs.

About the Presenter

Costa Rican Photographer, Graphic Designer, TEDx Speaker and adventurer. Founder and director of ToTheWonder. Designing transformative life experiences through Photography Workshops and Expeditions worldwide with a catalogue of over 20 countries and having taught more than 3000 photography students since 2014.

Ambassador of his country’s brand: Essential Costa Rica and Sony Alpha Ambassador for Latin America, having the support of the number one brand for photographic equipment in the world.

Capturing the ephemeral moments in nature is his lifelong journey. Luis is recognized for documenting in an artistic, emotional way and with an original approach, the spectacular nature of the world. For him, photos become tangible trophies of lived experiences. It’s his way of sharing a little bit of this amazing planet and keeping it forever.

Website: https://tothewonder.com/