Webinar - Seaworks by Paul Kenny

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About the Webinar

Paul is a 72-year-old artist/photographer and over the last 53 years, as his work has developed, so his chosen medium, photography has itself undergone cataclysmic changes… so, his work has moved with it as new technologies created opportunities to add depth and impact.

From analog to digital
From monochrome to colour.
From plain air to studio.
From conventional camera to scanner
From paper prints to transparency on lightboxes
From still to moving image

The only constant has been the reliance on purely photographic processes as his chosen medium.

Seaworks is a term he uses to define an ongoing body of work made on or about shorelines. The work, building on themes developed over 50 years, seeks to find the awe-inspiring in that which is easily passed by and, by looking at the micro, asks how we might gain insight into the macro. He tries to evoke fragility, ecology, beauty and transience in the landscape, and to illustrate how human’s hand is scratching away at remaining areas of wilderness.

His aim is to create beautiful compelling images that tell a complex story.

About Paul

Born in 1951 and educated in Salford, Northwest England, Paul Kenny completed his Fine Art Degree at Newcastle upon Tyne in 1975. As an artist/photographer he has been developing and making his work for over fifty years. He now lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne

In his career he has been represented by six London Galleries including The Fine Art Society, Purdy Hicks and The Photographers Gallery. He has work in some of the worlds greatest public and private art collections including The V and A, The National Gallery of Scotland, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs.

He has published 3 books, Water, Stone & Light, Seaworks 1998–2013 and O Hanami: The Celebration of Transient Beauty and has had numerous exhibitions in London and around the UK

In 2000 he was made a Fellow of The Ballinglen Foundation and spends time at their centre in North West Mayo, Eire

Website: https://paul-kenny.co.uk

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Paul this Summer in Ireland and what a guy! I absolutely love his work and his creativity! this will be a great talk.