Webinar - Wildlife Action by Julie Steelman

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Wildlife Action presented by Julie Steelman

November 16, 2022, 3:00 PM Eastern Time (7:00 PM GMT / UTC)

Presentation Description

Join award-winning wildlife photographer Julie Steelman for a lively webinar on how to effectively shoot action shots in rapidly changing scenarios. Discover the fourth variable you can use to enhance the quality of the images you take. Learn to track behavior in new ways that get you the kind of shots you’ve dreamed about.

Julie gives you behind-the-scenes with the world’s most epic predators and shares how to capture their stories in ways you’ve never seen before. She will discuss camera settings, introduce the fourth variable (most people don’t use enough) and choose focus points for the right situations. If you’ve been stuck in one shooting routine, you might want to challenge yourself to play with more of the technology available in today’s high-tech cameras.

About the Presenter

Julie Steelman is an international award-winning wildlife photographer. She is the co-host of the popular podcast, Nature Photography Secrets. She focuses her work on critically endangered species, capturing nature’s most epic action stories and advocating for preserving and protecting wild lands.

Julie started underwater as an antidote to a chaotic corporate career. She found being up close and personal with apex predators to be her greatest joy. After her husband died suddenly and unexpectedly, she dove deeper into photography as a way to heal. She just recently published her first photography book, Wild, Sacred Beauty.

Julie hopes to inspire others with her images so they can feel a sense of reverence and care for wild earth.

Julie’s Website - https://wildsacredbeauty.com/
Podcast - https://naturephotographysecrets.podbean.com/

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Be sure to click the Zoom link above to sign up for the webinar; we are doing this one a bit differently than we have in the past for a better experience!

Hi NPN community. Is there a recording available for this webinar? If so, where do I find it?

Hello Jana,

You can find the recording here: Wildlife Action Webinar