Weekly Challenge: trees

For me the Holy Grail of redwood photography has been wild rhododendrons and fog. As such, I’ve driven from my home in San Francisco five times or so to the Oregon border on this search. Of the twenty days or so I spent looking, I found fog only once (part of the problem is the rhodys bloom late May/early June, and the peak fog season happens shortly after that when it warms up inland and pulls in the water off the ocean). This shot had both fog and rhododendrons:

This is the most “photoshopped” piece I’ve ever done. I deliberately tried to make it look like a Japanese wood cut. I’d love your comments on whether or not it works for you.

I like the way you cut the trees giving a feeling of HUGE/GIGANTIC next to the flowers .The mist just adds some mystery into this shot great combination

Tony, I feel you have worked hard to obtain a very fine scene in the Redwoods. I think I’ve always felt for landscape photography anything in deep forest or wooded areas must be a real challenge. Especially with lighting and working compositions out. I like this image based upon those specific challenges for sure. I suspect in away the fog aides with those items I mentioned, but not sure on that point…:sunglasses:

I also like your photoshopped image you’ve added here as a bonus item. I think it needs to be seen in a good sized print to really appreciate how nice it must or could be…:+1:

Tony, the redwoods, rhodo’s and fog shot looks great, with it’s emphasis on the rhododendrons using the big trees and fog to set the place and a fine quiet mood. I think a bit of burning-in of the bright sky along the upper right edge would be good. The glow of the flowers and green shrubs lets them stand out beautifully.

The redwood shot is just plain gorgeous. Framing and processing look good. Worth the effort!

The aspen image is nicely composed but the processing is a bit strong for my personal taste.

The Redwood photo is really nice… About perfect.
The second one looks over processed.

Your persistence paid off with a lovely woodland scene, Tony. The lighting in the image is sublime and the fog has created some lovely atmospherics; it adds a nice touch of mystery to the forest. I also like the aspen comp, but it is a little over processed for my tastes. That being said as long as you are happy with the end result is what matters.


The redwood/rhodie image is classic. The aspen image, well, I have to say one of the best, most unique and most creative aspen images I’ve even scene. I’d be quite curious how you went about processing this one. This is a jaw-dropper for me. That’s all I can say.


Thanks Lon. I’m on the road and after I get back home I’ll post the original and summarize the steps.

Tony, I think both images are excellent. Both are finely composed, and the processing looks great. Looking forward to seeing the post with aspens, and how you processed it.