What magazines are worth reading in your opinion?

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As part of “keeping in touch” with photography I like to run through some articles in magazines and read about different approaches people have. I’m mostly interested in landscapes and found out at least few of them, like Landscape Photography Magazine or On Landscape. The point is - I’m not sure if I want to subscribe to all of them, but have very little information about what’s really behind the paywall. For LPM a free version contains mostly images of other readers, headings of articles and ads. Not sure how it looks on On Landscape, as they do not provide anything except one sample issue to take a peak inside.

Since it’s hard to get any paper one where I live, I’m looking mostly to online resources. I also do have many blogs in my RSS feed, although I find articles different (and more pleasing) in form than blog posts.

So, my question is - what online magazines are worth reading, in your opinion?

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Hey @Andrzej_Muzaj

I’m a subscriber to On landscape and it is worth it, no doubt about it, and you might also want to look at Lens Work. I read both in digital version.
As blogs go, i would like to get some recommendation also. From the top of my head i recall this two:
Guy Tal
David Ward


Hi @João_Ferrão !

Thanks for your reply! I haven’t heard about Lens Work so I’ll take a deepr dive into what they have to offer. Also, I find it reassuring that On Landscape seems to work for you. This one is my number one for now to purchase, when I finally decide.

As for blogs - I’ve read Guy Tal’s “More Than a Rock” but never occurred to me, that he can have his own blog as well. I think I read his articles on other websites, though. I didn’t know David Ward, though - thanks a ton for link to his website! :slight_smile:

From my blog resources, strictly landscape related, I can recommend:

  1. Photo Cascadia - I think it could be quite popular here, due to some of the members being members. I especially like Erin Babnik’s articles. She also runs her own blog here.
  2. Luminous Landscape - they venture into other genres (eg. wildlife) but I still like to read some of their articles.
  3. Visual Wilderness - owned (if I’m correct) by Varina and Jay Patel, but other people write there too.

Above were more like a collectives. Now, moving into solo work:

  1. Michael Frye
  2. Joshua Cripps
  3. Christian Hoiberg
  4. Robert Rodriguez Jr.
  5. Albert Dros

Hope you’ll find something you didn’t alread know.

Take care!

Guy is a frequent contributor to On landscape so if you like his articles there’s a plus.
Those names are all familiar but never dwell on their blogs, that I recall (shame on me). Adding them to the list right away. :smile:

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I really like LensWork. It is not all landscape and they occasionally have some “unusual” portfolios, but the quality is quite good and Guy has a column in it as well.


Here’s another vote for On Landscape and Lenswork. I used to have a subscription to both ON and LPM, but I let it LPM go because the content felt more superficial than ON. ON has more philosophical/thoughtful articles than LPM. The latter, to me, was just a venue for over-the-top grand landscape photos.

Lenswork is great. With an on-line subscription you get access to lots and lots of content (podcasts, videos, articles, interview, etc.). Their printed books are gorgeous.

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I recently saw something going around called Elements. It is a digital magazine, no print, looks like 12 issues for 79 bucks. They have some really big names attached to the project, first issue is released in March.

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Hi @davewallace!

Never heard of Elements before - thank you so much. Lineup for the first issue looks really impressive! I think it might be worth a shot, even if they meet only half of my expectations.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about it. I’m not sure how I feel about digital magazines, I don’t have a tablet to read from and I know I wouldn’t read them on my phone!

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@davewallace I’m reading either on a tablet (bought exactly to read photography books, which don’t work that great with e-book readers) or straight from my computer. I don’t like reading on small screens like smartphones have either. I think I’ll take a chance and try Elements. I’ll let you know what I think. :slight_smile:

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I too believe “On Landscape” is a must.

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