White Crown

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
canon 7D mkII; 100/400 @400; 5.6; 1/1600th; WB Auto; spot

Very good, Jim. I like the “sky line” of the vegetation and the position of the sparrow in it. Excellent detail in the bird.

Hi Jim
The White Crown has good detail and control of the black and white are will with in range. The framing works , as both edges of the vegetation bring my eye to the bird. Nice work.

I like it, too. Not a lot of people would bother with sparrows, so it’s nice to see. I accidentally downloaded your image, so here’s how I processed it -

A little crop and a curves layer to bring up some contrast, but not too much. The soft palette is really pleasing here. Hope you don’t mind.

Dennis, Peter and Kristen, Thanks you for your comments. Kristen, I do not mind that you made changes. I am happy when someone takes the time to do so. We learn from others’ critiques.

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Really nicely done. I like the edit that Kris did.

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