Whitetail Stretching for a Snack

Hi All,

Shot this a little bit after my previous post. The doe repeatedly stretched up to grab a leaf from the tree. This is probably my favorite pose from the series.

Not much in post. Cropped to vertical, reduced the yellow cast from the early morning sun, sharpened the deer, and reduced noise on the BG. All C&C welcome.

_LWG9150 1

500mm f/4, tripod/gimbal
ISO 640

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I like it Lyle, the early morning warmth in the light is lovely and the branch adds interest. Maybe take a little more off of the bottom and I wonder if there’s any more detail in the light fur on the belly.
Very small points it works really well as it is.

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Thanks, Ryan. I had the same thought about the bottom of the frame, but I tried to leave enough room for the digital hooves. Finding the sweet spot can be a challenge.

Very nice Lyle. I like the framing of the top branches with the lower vegetation and the action pose you captured is quite intriguing. No nits from me. nicely done.

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Love the light and the pose too !
One more vote for more room at bottom right corner.

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