Yellowstone Licensing?

Yellowstone Licensing?

(Sandy Richards-Brown) #1

I have meant for years to talk with the Concessionnaires at Yellowstone about the possibility of licensing a couple of my images. I’ve been too lazy to do so. NOW it’s time!

Anyone have any contacts at Yellowstone I could get in touch with?
Thanks for any ideas…


(Jim Zablotny) #2

Hi Sandy,

Wait until the government reopens as National Parks are being manned by skeleton crews. Hopefully, someone can provide you with some contact info…Jim

(Hank Pennington) #3

Good advice Jim.

Be aware Sandy, that contact with Yellowstone is just a portal, while decisions and licenses will come from further up the chain in NPS and almost certainly DOI. Your contact at Yellowstone will be pivotal for negotiating that in-house maze, but a host and tour guide only.

Another avenue for licensing would be the large concessions, but they’ll have a chain of command and procedures, too. Licensing is definitely the way to go with either entity.