Winter Yellowstone recommendations?

I’m interested in attending a photo workshop/tour in Yellowstone about a year from now. I was interested in learning from any of our members a recommendation on who/which company to seek out. It seems there are a lot of options, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’d be interested in someone with an eye for landscape as well as wildlife. I’d be fine with a smaller group rather than a large experience without much flexibility. Any thoughts/recommendations would be welcome and thanks in advance!

Muench Workshops does 2-3 winter workshops each year in Yellowstone. In most years, but not 2020 they also do a fall workshop that includes Grand Teton.

Jim, my friend recommended Jort from
He is probably more familiar with wildlife of Yellowstone but he is one of the best person that can help you get the shot of the Wapiti pack!

I lead Yellowstone tours (about to leave for my next winter adventure this week, actually), but I’m unlikely to do one next winter.

Since you are interested in both landscape and wildlife, I recommend getting in touch with Zack Clothier, a former NPN member who has a background in landscape photography but does a lot of nice wildlife work as well. Zack’s winter tours focus mainly on the park interior rather than doing a split between the interior and the northern range, so you’re likely to get plenty of landscape shooting in.

If you have any questions about the winter experience in the park, I’m always happy to help, even if you’re not booking with me. Feel free to shoot me a PM or email.