Recommended Workshops?

Hi folks,
Longtime NPN member here, but it’s been a while. Life took a turn and I’m trying to find a workshop somewhere in the American West to jump start my photo mojo.

I live in Oregon and would prefer something out of state: AZ, NM, UT, CA, or WY, CO, MT, or WA? Olympic Peninsula? I’m open to suggestions of photographers, companies, and even specific workshops you are considering or that would be on your list in my situation.

Looking to something between now and Feb 2025.

My searches yield many results but some questionable credentials!


I’m pretty partial to the workshops we do through Muench, but I think you can’t go wrong working with someone like @TJ_Thorne - here.

I also would recommend thinking about what you want out of a workshop. I recorded a fun podcast about that if you’re interested.


Appreciate the mention Matt.

@Marylynne_Diggs, please reach out if you have any questions or want to chat about what your goals are and we can see if one of my workshops would be a good fit for you.

I have options on Oregon Coast, Olympic, and Death Valley right now.

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@Marylynne_Diggs hello Marylynne. I do recall you being a member too. Not sure but you might try Guy Tal and or Michael Gordon who were also both NPN members back in the day. They were both western state, CA-NV-UT-AZ workshop folks in the past as I recall.

Thanks @Matt_Payne, @TJ_Thorne and @Paul_Breitkreuz.

Matt: I’ll look for that podcast and check out at Thorne’s options. I have a few Muench bookmarked.

TJ : Olympic Peninsula and Death Valley are good possibilities.

Paul: I did a DV workshop with Guy Tal and
Michael Gordon about 10 years ago. It was spectacular! I could do a 2.0 or find another workshop with them.

For me, workshops are like registering for a marathon and having the incentive to train. Once I have a date, I start preparing so I can make the most of it, and then I get a lift creatively for a while after. Otherwise, it’s all day job, laundry, house repairs!:sweat_smile:

Mostly I need location guidance and inspiration, the discipline of getting out there. Once I’m in the field, things typically work for me. Processing and workflow is less of a priority.


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Rockhopper workshops have openings for late June in the Palouse (Eastern Washington).

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David Kingham & Jennifer Renwick offer lovely workshops. I did their Yellowstone Intimate Landscapes last year and it was great. Their workshop page -

Guy Tal is no longer doing workshops. Michael Gordon does workshops in DV, both by himself and with Chuck Kimmerle. Michael’s workshop page -


Thanks @Bonnie_Lampley . I worked with David and Jennifer at an Out of Chicago workshop on the coast. Really enjoyed both.

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After all of my research, I’m struggling to find one that meets my teaching schedule needs (basically, avoiding heavy grading periods or beginning and end of the quarter).

I found one, and it is well reviewed, but I’m interested testimonials. If you have ever done a Rhapsody in Light workshop with Joseph Thomas or know somebody who has, private message me. Meanwhile, I have Muench and Thorne in my sights for next year.


I would highly recommend Adrian Klein
Adrian has taken over the workshop program that David Cobb ran for many years. Both are great at knowing locations and offer high value workshops.

Thanks Pat! Excellent recommendation. Looks like most are long weekends, so that might fit my work schedule. Lots of locations I have done a good bit before, and though it’s always good to see things with new eyes, right now, I’m looking for a fresh location too.