Workshop recommendations-Spring in the Grand Tetons/Yellowstone

Hi fellow members and happy holidays!

I am looking for a photography workshop in the Grand Tetons and optionally Yellowstone this coming Spring. Any recommendations?


Scott, I suppose the important questions are:

  • What’s your target subject matter (wildlife, landscapes, or both… Edit: I see this was posted in Landscape, so I’m guessing that’s your focus, but it would be good to clarify)?
  • Are you looking for an instructional workshop or a guided photo tour?
  • When in spring can you go/are you hoping to go (early vs. late can make a big difference)?
  • Are you seeking to join a pre-scheduled group tour/workshop, or are you open to private guiding?

I actually lead trips in Yellowstone, but this is one of the rare years I won’t be offering a spring tour. Depending on your answers, I may be able to offer some recommendations for my peers that guide in the area.

Hi Max,

Thanks for the response. My focus is specifically landscapes vs wildlife. I am more looking for a workshop where the organizers take us to the right places at the right time for shooting sunrise and sunset photos. Tips about composition and perhaps recommended camera settings is appreciated, but I am not looking for classroom-type instruction.

Thinking about mid-April/May timeframe.

I prefer a group setting, but would be open to a private guide assuming the cost would be equivalent.

Thanks again for responding. Let me know if you have any recommendations.

Best regards,